Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid?

Invoice must be in by the 7th and payments will be made by the 10th. If we do not receive your invoice you payment will go into the next billing cycle.

What affiliate software do you use to track clicks and sales?

We use to track affiliate sales and clicks. Over the years we have used various affiliate tracking software and we decided that Hasoffers is the best solution to our needs and to the affiliate’s needs.

What is the payment threshold?

The threshold is R2500. If you don’t earn R2500 for the month then your commissions will be carried over to the next month till you reach R2500.

What are the requirements for signing up?

You must have a website that gets some kind of traffic. Without a source of traffic, you won’t be able to sign up.

What tools do you provide?

We will provide you with banners and tracking links that you will be able to place on your websites. If you have any certain requests then you are welcome to contact us.

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