10 Secrets to increase your affiliate earnings today

In this article I will explain 10 tricks that you can use to drastically increase the amount of clicks that you can get on your affiliate links. These are tricks that we have physically tested over the years and we know for a fact that by implementing them can increase your earnings by at least 20%. So here they are:


Link in the navigation

Most websites have their current menu items in their top navigation bars but a clever trick that you can get more clicks on your affiliates offers is to add another link with a call to action such as “Apply Now” or “Click Here To Apply”. I am sure some of our top affiliates are already using this trick but some certainly don’t. The click through rates on these links are very high since it’s very relevant to the purpose of the website. Here’s an example:


Apply button in side bar
A clever thing to do is to use buttons that you can place in your side bar of your website. To maximize the click through rate on these buttons however, you need to make sure that the colour is completely different from the rest of the website. For instance if your web colours are blue and black then you can use red buttons. I your website colours are red then use black buttons to make it stand out. Make sure that these buttons stand out and use call to actions. A simple Google image search will give you a ton of ideas and examples:


Banners above the fold
One VERY big mistake that most of the new affiliates make is to place their banners below the fold. The problem with this is that the average user will spend more or less 5 seconds on a website. During this time you need to catch their eye and get them to perform the action you want them to take. In an affiliate’s case will be to click the banner so you need to place your banners above the fold. Here’s an example:


Banner sizes and placements
When it comes to banner sizes, it usually depends on the website, the niche and a few other factors however there is a few banners that almost always wins. These are:


Links in text
Another link that usually gets a very high click through rate is the link in the copy of your articles. Let’s say your website is about personal loans and the keyword personal loan appears in your article. By linking it might get it a high chance to get the visitor’s attention since the copy is what the user actually focusses on. Just a word of caution – don’t overdo this though. Once or twice is enough in one article. More than that just looks spammy.


Exit popups
Exit popups are a great way to get visitors to click on your website. Think about it this way – it a visitor leaves your site, he will leave and you will loose him. However if you have an exit popup and displays the banner you want him to click, you might have a 5% – 10% click through rate (or even higher) which is 5%-10% more revenue for you. You get hundreds of free exit popup plugins for WordPress sites and you also get paid services such as Optimonk that you can use. If you don’t use this already – make sure you add it quickly otherwise you will loose out big time!


Make websites mobile friendly
This might not be a big surprise and you have probably read this a thousand times but it makes a huge difference and there is still affiliates that don’t do this. In this current day and age, you need to make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. Around 60% of the traffic is from mobile devices so by not doing this will definitely cause a bad user experience on your site and you will probably get penalized by search engines as well for not doing this.


Banner right at the top
A great way to get tons of clicks on your banners is to add them right at the top of your website, where the user’s eye will focus first. News sites love to do this and with a very good reason – they work! See below:


Sticky ads for mobile
Have you ever been on a mobile site and as you scroll down, you keep seeing the banner at the bottom of your mobile device? Well in case you didn’t know what you call them – it’s called Sticky ads and you can get free plugins on WordPress where you can add these banners. They will result in a big click through rate on your mobile traffic

Gumtree advert
Gumtree is awesome and they get massive amounts of traffic! I know I shouldn’t actually mention this since this article is mostly about tips on getting more clicks on your site but I know that affiliates can benefit massively from this tip!!!

Have you ever went to the financial section and saw ads in there? Well you can place your ads there as well and they can generate tons of traffic if you do right!!

Just make sure that you read Gumtree’s terms of services. For instance they don’t accept words such as “Blacklisted welcome” and they don’t allow affiliate links. The best approach there is to offer your service and when people reply, you can give them advice or point them in the right direction with your affiliate links 😉

If you apply the tips and tricks in this article, then I will have no doubt that you will see a massive improvement in your earnings. Make sure you take action today and implement them immediately to cash in this month! Also if you find these tips useful, please share it with your friends or on Facebook! Good luck!

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